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STS – Blocked from STS

On the date of 10.12.2020 I had a won coupon on my STS account and I then tried to cash out the money from my account. I wrote my bank card’s number in the section where I supposed to write my bank details. It happened to be a mistake because I have mistakenly wrote my card which belongs to my bank account and which I re-ordered after losing the first card. My card is from Millenium bank and it is like this: I have one account only in Millenium bank, but had two cards as far. The first one I lost and approx. year ago ordered the new one. Anyway, STS blocked me. I tried every possible way to get my account back and money access but including help line as well, nothing helped me. I went to STS branches and they did not take responsibility for this. Help line agents wrote down in a rude way that no withdrawal of your money. I was using this account for 3 years and such a thing first time happenned. I have read also all the regulations and as a lawyer I demanded from STS to provide me opportunity to get my rightful money. This is also a way for reaching out as an instance to solve this problem.

I am ready to prove my identity with my passport, with my bank account and bank card, with my STS coupon that I won, with my old coupons going back for two years and etc and I think I get this right of interpretation of STS regulation 2.9.1

I hope this technical problem will be resolved quickly by STS team.

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